Why "Meraviglioso"

The passion that has always invigorated us, the love, the commitment that we put forth every day to bring our guests an authentic experience, all of this is marvelous.

Domenico Modugno beheld magic. Magic of revealing the essence of the world through music. With fervent words and a harmonious heart, he captured the beauty of this old fishing village on the sea.

Embarking on a perpetual journey, we continue to research genuine and simple ingredients and discover authentic flavors through enhanced cooking methods. Above all, our service is always brought to you with a warm smile.

A bouquet of quality and excellence emanates from every dish, as we select only the worthiest ingredients for each recipe. With careful hands and dedicated hearts, our staff creates pasta as fresh as it once was. Every morning, the sea bestows us with the ultimate gift—a truly mouthwatering catch.

The sea is a host of wonders, and the soil of Puglia offers natural and excellent raw materials. The sun almost seems warmer here, as though each brilliant ray gilds our citizens with zest for life and joy.

We pride ourselves in a welcome so warm, so hospitable, that our friends and travelers feel like they’ve just arrived home. Leo and Elvira wanted to imbue this abode with a family atmosphere. To create a place redolent of fond childhood memories. Wonderful as the smile of one’s grandmother who welcomed you in the kitchen as child, always asking: what can I prepare? Because the most beautiful expression of hospitality is preparing a dish with love, which remains in one’s heart long after they depart.

Beyond these walls beholds a menu of nostalgia and memories. Here, we understand an unforgettable dining experience goes beyond a delicious dish. Though we promise to serve you precisely that, all of our entrées will be accompanied by a generous serving of hospitality, gratitude, and most importantly, a warm welcome into our ever-growing family.


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Est. 2013 in Polignano a Mare

The modern Osteria

In May 2013 we chose Polignano a Mare to continue our expansion into the restaurant sector, breathing life into our modern Osteria.

In December 2019, we reopened after an extensive renovation. We modernized the kitchen and created spaces dedicated to processing fresh fish. Now, a brilliant display of our catch of the day greets each customer as they enter. We invested in new furnishings and large round tables, dehors with sea view, and added interior space dedicated to dinners, private events, and culinary/wine tastings.

Passion and daily commitment

Ready to welcome you

Our goal is to make your experience beyond pleasant and provide our staff with comfort to breeze through their workplace with ease.

New recipes and culinary paths come to life in this exclusive atmosphere: warm, romantic and modern. We embrace the local tradition with a modern vision to give you quality and excellence every day, for lunch and dinner.

We look forward to welcoming you

-Leo and Elvira.

Apulian cuisine

The Apulian cuisine of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our menu follows the seasons, with flavors and colors blending together in perfect harmony, like elements of a grand orchestra. Let yourself be guided by the scents while you are awed by the wonderful view of the sea.

A la carte menu

Every dish on our menu has reached its zenith because of the meticulous detail we devote in choosing the finest ingredients, and cooking with methods that best pair with our philosophy.

The secret dish is our prime pick of the day: secret because it’s not written on the menu. We choose special, natural ingredients every morning at the local market. We then combine and cook them to create extraordinary masterpieces. If you are so inclined to ask about your meal’s preparation, please do! We aren’t shy, and nothing brings us greater pleasure than sharing our inspiration with you.

Culinary itineraries

We don’t just serve delicious food here. Each dish beholds a great story to live and share.

Our menu is an itinerary of taste that skilfully combines authenticity and creativity. A single bite will invoke the sensation of dining among ancients and setting sail through a universe of unique flavors, where you’ll embark on a culinary journey of the senses. Join us and discover them.

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