Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna: The Autumn Menu

Scopri il Menù dell'autunno 2023 del ristorante Meraviglioso di Polignano

October opens the doors to the Autumn Menu at Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna.

The season of changing colors brings with it the new ideas of Michele Panzarini. The young and talented chef, in a now well-established partnership with Patron Leonardo Fontana, is launching the offerings to be presented to the guests of Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna in search of a gastronomic experience that can be deemed “memorable.”

A combination of great classics and innovation.

The common denominator is the house philosophy: to bring the best of local produce to the table in a location that overlooks the blue of the Adriatic and winks at Domenico Modugno, the most illustrious citizen of Polignano, commemorated here by an already iconic statue under whose shadow the customers of Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna sit.

And as befits a region where two seas meet, the new menu is shaped according to the tones and inspirations that its own sea can narrate.

But there’s more. Because Puglia is also much else: from the green of the Valle d’Itria to the rugged landscapes of the Murgia, passing through the many facets of dairy production. The land, too, finds its rightful place in a skillfully balanced combination.

i Primi: Tortello seppia e dragoncello
i Primi: Tortello seppia e dragoncello

In addition to the à la carte options, Michele Panzarini suggests two tasting journeys, the names of which leave no doubt about the destination one is heading towards: “Le Vie del Mare” (The Ways of the Sea) and “Le Vie della Terra” (The Ways of the Land), both composed of four dishes and a dessert.

And then there’s “A Mano Libera” (Freestyle), a seven-course journey left to the guest’s free choice, who decides to take a seat and let themselves be guided by the chef on a true sensory journey. All this with the option of pairing the right wines. Because, as every good sommelier teaches, a great wine elevates a great dish. And vice versa.

Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna aims to impress its guests twice: first when they take their seats inside and can admire the stunning open-view wine cellar, and second when they can choose the perfect pairing from a wine list, drafted with expertise and featuring around 500 selections from the most important wine regions in the world: from Bordeaux and Burgundy to Piedmont, from the Moselle to Tuscany. And much more. Naturally, this includes Puglia, with its robust reds and pleasantly fresh whites.

Piccione al Miele, con crema di carote e tarassaco
i Secondi: Piccione al Miele, con crema di carote e tarassaco

Not to forget the extensive selection of Champagne that pairs perfectly with seafood crudo. Among them all, Maison Billecart-Salmon stands out, a company founded in 1818 in the wine-growing area of Montagne de Reims, which has chosen Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna as its own Ambassade in Italy.

All that’s left to do is to let yourself be welcomed by the professionalism of the staff and be pampered by the chef’s offerings. So that in the end, you can whisper: Marvelous.

Texts by Angelo Loreto, Journalist and AIS Sommelier