The ‘Red Lady’ has spoken: the Michelin Guide crowns Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna.

Guida Michelin 2023_Meraviglioso_Polignano a Mare

Some call it “the Red.” Others refer to it as “the Bible.” Some even get emotional just mentioning it.

uno sguardo sugli interni di meraviglioso polignano

For decades, the Michelin Guide has been synonymous with absolute excellence in the field of dining. Merely being included is a mark of exclusivity.

Having the privilege to display that universally recognizable symbol at the entrance of one’s “home” means being part of the elite in one’s own region. Consider that among the thousands of restaurants in Puglia, fewer than 60 have been endorsed by the inspectors and thus included in the Guide. And Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna is among them.

Michelin describes it as follows:

“A beautiful, modern, and welcoming venue in the evening strolling area of the lovely hometown of the great Domenico Modugno (the statue commemorating him is just a few steps away). At lunch, a simpler offering but always inspired by the freshness of the sea; in the evening, the menu and carte become more creative, reflecting the flair of a still-young chef, albeit one with significant experience behind him”.

It’s not just an invitation to play it safe. It’s a message, a symbol: being part of something exclusive.

Recently, Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna, which has just launched its new autumn menu, has decided to facilitate the desire of those wishing to be part of this sensory experience that is exclusivity. A pairing that is only seemingly a contradiction. How? By eliminating the deposit required at the time of booking, thus allowing for last-minute arrivals, while at the same time relying on the customer’s sensitivity to cancel with some notice should an unexpected event force them to withdraw.

This aims to be another opportunity for sharing and appreciating the creations of Chef Michele Panzarini. Especially now that there is an entire menu to discover, including à la carte options and tasting journeys.

Exclusivity at Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna also translates into the opportunity to reserve one of the two private dining rooms, or even the entire restaurant, for organizing private events. Occasions made even more exceptional by the possibility of enjoying a menu tailored to the customer’s needs.

Exclusivity and exceptionality. After all, it’s the word of the Michelin Guide.