Choosing a wine is, after all, like traveling.

Five hundred.

That’s the number of labels featured in the wine list of Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna.

A figure that commands absolute respect, but it’s not mere self-celebration. Otherwise, all attention—from customers, industry insiders, and enthusiasts—would be reduced to just a cold statistical number.

A respectable wine list is, on one hand, the result of diligent, long-term research, and on the other, a reflection of the house philosophy. This philosophy is realized in the perfect pairing with the dishes crafted by the chef. Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna is no exception to this rule. Here, everyone is proud to present to their guests a wine selection that can cater to all passions and satisfy every curiosity.

Choosing a wine is, after all, like traveling. Close your eyes and let your imagination take you away: admire the castles each time you open a white from the Loire Valley, picture yourself lying on a meadow when you bring your nose close to a glass of Collio Sauvignon, feel embraced by the very history of wine when you admire a red Bordeaux. These are just a few of the stops along the oenological journey that you can embark on at Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna.

From the complexity of Piedmont to the refreshing acidity of the Moselle, from the finesse of Franciacorta’s aromas to foreign features from Austria, Portugal, Greece, and California. All the way to the hosts and their history. The Primitivo, which arrived in Gioia del Colle at the end of the 1700s; the Nero di Troia, born in Puglia in the early 1800s; and the Negroamaro, with its many facets, from structured reds to rosés that make Puglia one of the world capitals of this variety.

Finally, there’s Maison Billecart-Salmon, a Champagne producer—an expansive chapter in itself—that has chosen Meraviglioso Osteria Moderna as its own Ambassade in Italy.

All of this is served with the professionalism you’d expect from those who know well what a sacrilege it would be to open a sparkling wine that’s too warm or a red that’s too cold. The serving temperature is just as important as the prestige of a label and the quality of a vintage.

With such premises, all that’s left is to embark on this journey. With the understanding that a wine list is not something static, but rather a “living” entity. One that changes, evolves, and transforms over time to continually astonish and offer new surprises.